Electricity and heat demand profiles from neighbourhoods to towns

RAMP's core application is the simulation of electricity (and heat) demand profiles at the neighbourhood-to-town scale. This default version of the software is accessible here.

We list below some representative case studies in this field.

Mobility and charging profiles of electric vehicle fleets

The other main active field of application of the RAMP project is the generation of mobility and charging profiles of electric vehicles' fleets, with fleet size ranging from neighbourhoods to entire countries. The customised version of the software that makes this possible is named RAMP-mobility, and it is hosted on a repository of its own.

  • In a recent publication, we showed how RAMP-mobility can be used to generate such profiles for all European countries based on few, simple data, while accounting for environmental and socio-demographic differences.

  • Others have applied the tool to simulate electric vehicles' demand scenarios for a residential district in Bolzano.

Demand profiles of energy for cooking and domestic hot water in residential buildings

RAMP can be also customised to generate other types of energy-use profiles. For instance, it has been used to simulate cooking or domestic hot water energy consumption profiles for large user aggregates in European countries.

These two applications have been developed for the purpose of specific projects are currently not being further developed.